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Last month, sub-par, the person who translated the first 7 chapters of this novel informed us that they were going to delete their blog and use it for other projects. They said we can host their translated chapters if we wanted to so we’re doing just that. We’ve only made minor changes to make things consistent with our translations(which kinda makes some of the tl notes kinda useless but whatever) and fix some grammatical errors but it’s pretty much the same as the original.

Sorry for disappointing you if you thought these were new chapters… <(_ _)>

It’s the rite of revelation

We entered the temple, went through a large set of doors, and ended up in a room with a tall and wide dome roof that gave it a tranquil atmosphere. Led by Tytte, I found a spot that wasn’t too conspicuous.

(Why, you ask? It’s because I stand out.)

When I saw the other children for the first time, I couldn’t hide my surprise.

To start with, I noticed the hair colors. Most people have black, golden, or brown-colored hair of varying intensity. Not one of them had silver-white, or even silvery hair.

The eye colors were extremely varied and there were individuals with the same eye color as me, and that made me wonder if my mother is from a foreign country.

Finally, everyone seems to have a healthy tan. Aldia Kingdom has a warm climate all year round, so the sunlight tends to be strong. Despite me having been outside too, only my companion Tytte got tanned and I didn’t tan a bit…Why?

Anyhow, today I realized that my appearance is quite different from other people’s, and it was making me somewhat embarrassed, so that’s why I was quietly standing around somewhere out of the way.

What with me being a duke’s daughter and all, I only got occasional curious glances and not people intruding on my space.

“Well then, let’s hold the rite of revelation. When your name is called, please come to the front and place your hand on the treasure here.”

At the back of the vast temple, on top of some stairs, placed on a lavish pedestal there was a crystal that shined with a faint light.

“By the way Tytte, when do you think it will be my turn?”

As a matter of fact, the power balance of the so-called noble society affects this order.

Very first come the families who want to stand out, then the families who don’t want to stand out too much get to be in the middle, but in front of the children from this or that family… and so on, it’s tangled with the families’ circumstances.

It seemed to be based on the families’ influence and whether or not they accepted their place.

“Master should’ve made arrangements for the last place, I think? I want to save the best for last, is what he said.”

(Goddamn! That was unnecessary… and I didn’t even want to stand out…)

I closed my eyes and let out a deep sigh.

Among the bustle, as the rite of revelation carried on, someone’s name was called and they climbed up to the pedestal.

With a nervous look on their face, they placed their hand on the crystal which glowed faintly with red, green, and blue-colored lights mixed into the illumination.

Afterwards, the child closed their eyes, stood there for a moment, suddenly opened their eyes again and climbed down looking like they’re deep in thought.

“I wonder what that light is?”

“That light is the measured strength, wisdom, and magical power. If the color is deep then that attribute is strong, while the brightness of the light tells of the total power.”

(In other words, that should mean that if there was a deep red light then that attribute would be the primary one in that person, and if that light was dazzling then it would be powerful?)

“Hu~uh… You know a lot, don’t you.”

“I’ve already gone through my rite of revelation, you see.”

Right, I forgot that since she’s five years older than me, she has obviously participated in the rite of revelation before me.

“Oh, that was why?”

I wanted to ask what it was like, but since I think it’s something very private to a person, I resisted the urge.

“I get the light, but why is it that they stand there for a while afterwards?”

“It’s to receive a message from god.”

“Huh!? You can hear god’s voice?“

I accidentally raised my voice because of the matter that the me from a modern era found unbelievable. Tytte tilted her head and looked at me as if to say “yes, that’s right, so what?”. It made me wonder if gods in this world can materialize, or maybe they even have descended in the past. As expected of fantasy!

One by one, the children went to the pedestal, caused a light, and gradually my eyes began to ache. At the same time, my heartbeat steadily grows faster.

(Shouldn’t it be my turn soon? Or what?)

I looked around restlessly but couldn’t tell how many people were remaining, because we weren’t even queued. Everyone just stood wherever they pleased and went to the front when they were called, so I couldn’t tell how many were left. On top of that, the people who were done didn’t leave and that further muddled things.

However, that was just at first. After this much time passed, I’ve noticed that the people who were done acted in a different manner than those who weren’t.

And now, as I realized that there’s just a few people left before me, my heartbeat accelerated further.

(I can’t make a mistake this time… What if… I end up crushing the treasure with my grip… I’ll be finished.)

As my turn came closer and closer, my nervousness brought forth worry. At this point, I became uncertain of everything. Most of all myself.

(Ahh… I should’ve prepared a practice crystal ball and done rehearsals… But even if I could do it without crushing the treasure, just cracking it would be bad all the same… Oh, what to do, what to do… I’m so nervous my hands are shaking…)

Then, the kid that I thought is the last one before me got called to the front, and after a few minutes he came back.

(O, o-o-o-ok-okay, h-h-h-ere we go.)

I wrote the character for ‘people’ on the palm of my hand and swallowed it. That was the power of the much-lauded modern-day good luck charm!

“Next, from house of Duke Regalya, miss Marie Regalya.”

When I heard that, my heart felt like it’s about to pop.

(The much-lauded modern-day good luck charm was useleeeeess!)

I became petrified and Tytte looked worryingly at me as if wondering if I’m alright.

(Making her worry for me doesn’t help! I’m a duke’s daughter, I need to act like it.)

I ready myself, raise my head and walk to the front.


At that exact moment, the heavy doors open and a number of what looks like male knights and some attendants come inside.

“Aldia Kingdom’s first prince, his Highness Rayphos has arrived!”

Those words instantly made the atmosphere in the temple very tense, and the people near the door moved to the sides one by one.

Because I was so focused, I couldn’t wrap my head around the situation and stood there stock still about to go to the pedestal.

Then the knights lead the boy inside.

First prince of the Aldia Kingdom, Rayphos Lucua Dalford.

Everyone who saw him was charmed. Or more precisely, the girls were.

He was well-dressed in white and blue clothes and he moved his slim limbs with grace as he walked.

His pretty golden silky hair fluttered in the wind and his sparkling eyes were so deeply blue and beautiful they sucked you in.

He looked beautiful for a man, but it fits his dignified expression very nicely.

Truly, a prince! That sums it up nicely.

But to think that the prince of this country was of the same age as me. Maybe that’s why he was participating in the rite of revelation today. Or maybe because of the busyness of the royal family his entry was late, and it’s like he was forcefully and stylishly cutting in line.

But no one was complaining, because he’s royalty.

The people’s arms form an arch and, wait, isn’t he coming over here?

(Oh no, I need to step aside too.)

I was very focused but still managed to think that, and reacting to the movement around me I decided to move…


I couldn’t do iiit!

I was about to step down but I stumbled on my unfamiliar shoes and ended up falling over.

“Whoa there…”

I heard a soft voice close to my ear. Someone caught me and was holding me in their arms.

(Huh? Who? It can’t beeeeee!)

I timidly shifted my gaze to look and got a close-up of the prince’s face.

(I blew iiiiiiiit!)

I screamed inside.


TL notes:


Christmas sapped me of all energy. I don’t think I like Christmas very much. Happy new year.

I think I made a bunch of bad translation decisions in this chapter and I’m sure I could’ve


Treasure: it’s 宝具 (hougu) or literally a “treasure tool” which sounds pretty silly. Also it’s how they write Noble Phantasm in the Fate/ series so good luck finding any good information if there’s some genius translation for it in an rpg somewhere. If we’re going to getting more of this kind of treasure tools I guess I’ll have to make up a ~cooler~ name

Writing ‘people’ on your palm and swallowing it: this is a fairly common ritual/superstition/whatever to do to relax before a show or a presentation or something. It’s probably just as helpful as imagining your audience naked. Which is to say, not at all.

Rayphos Lucua Dalford: レイフォース・ルクア・ダルフォード (reifoosu rukua darufoodo). Apparently there’s a game called RayForce that is spelled exactly like this but there’s no way I’m calling a person that.

Changed the kingdom name from ARDIA -> ALDIA kingdom because every time that comes up I instinctively write Aldia and have to go back to fix that. I guess Aldia sounds better in my head after all.

The royal entry was described as 人のアーチ “an arch of people” probably something like this https://puu.sh/CpDo8/e2154032e3.jpg but i don’t really know if there’s a word for that kinda funky behavior


I ended up having a two week combo of being too busy to translate because of the university work and Christmas stuff immediately afterwards. But now I’m finally on a real vacation for a whole week!!! That means I’ll be having a hangover tomorrow, and translating on the 2nd or 3rd depending on how much of a mess I have to clean


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