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Last month, sub-par, the person who translated the first 7 chapters of this novel informed us that they were going to delete their blog and use it for other projects. They said we can host their translated chapters if we wanted to so we’re doing just that. We’ve only made minor changes to make things consistent with our translations(which kinda makes some of the tl notes kinda useless but whatever) and fix some grammatical errors but it’s pretty much the same as the original.

Sorry for disappointing you if you thought these were new chapters… <(_ _)>

Going to the temple

While struggling hard to control my strength another year passed.

Hello, I’m Marie Regalya, seven years old.

I too became quite a proper lady, and also became able to use some magic needed for daily life, ahem♪

I’ll explain about the magic in this world now. It appears that although the amount may vary, in this world every person carries magical power.

Now, that does not mean that everyone’s a mage like in an RPG. Magical power and magic are two different things, and even if you’ve got magical power you can’t use magic without studying it. In addition, as taking lessons in it costs money, most magic users are nobles rather than commoners.

Speaking of which, the magic needed for daily life that I’ve learned, “everyday magic”, is something common that can do things like turn on and off the magical tools that emit light, and light a stove used for cooking.

People generally call this kind of theoretically simple magic that can be taught for anyone to use “rank-1 magic”. In this world, there are eight ranks of magic, and spells from rank-2 upward look like attack magic and such that I remember from games.

Taking the simple [Fire] magic as an example: [Fire] used to just light a fire is rank-1, [Fire] used as a means of attack is rank-2, strengthening the power of that [Fire] attack makes it rank-3, the evolution of [Fire] is [Blaze] at rank-4, strengthening it makes it rank-5, the evolution of [Blaze] is [Explosion] at rank-6, and strengthening that makes it rank-7.

My tutor taught me that and I changed and oversimplified it to an RPG system that I was familiar with, but… Teacher ended up praising me for being quick to understand.

Huh? What about the rank-8 magic, you ask?

Apparently that is somewhat of an enigma, something like a legendary rank of magic whose existence is known but no one can use, so I couldn’t explain it.

Incidentally everyone can use rank-1 magic; magic ranked 2 and 3 is what adventurers, mages, monsters, and such can use; and ranks 4 and 5 are the domain of archmages, heroes, heroines and other such leading figures among humans and demons that appear in stories, spirits, and angels. Apparently there weren’t people who could use higher-ranked magic than that. On top of that, it seems that magic ranked 6 and 7 is for dragons, archangels, demon kings, and other such beings that are beyond human understanding to use.

(Hm~m, a fantasy indeed♪Oh, I’m getting excited♪)

Alright, going back to the present. Right now, I’m borrowing Tytte’s hands to put on a dress. It was not a dress like I’ve been wearing inside the house until now, but a fancy one for an outing.

(Hm~m, what an expensive-looking dress. It looks like I would absolutely tear it to pieces the way I’m right now… Ah~, at this rate, won’t I become a no-good girl who can’t do anything without Tytte…?)

While watching Tytte excitedly and efficiently dress me, I got sad about my inability to do anything.

(Well, since the rite of revelation will be held after this, I’ll be able to lead a proper lifestyle thanks to it…or I should be…right?)

As my self-confidence decreased the statement turned into a question by the end, buuuut don’t worry about it.

“Excuse me. Ojousama, the carriage has been prepared.”

There was a knock on the door and a butler came in the room as Tytte was decorating me after putting on my dress.

“Got it.”

I replied without looking at him because Tytte was combing my hair, and the butler seemed to think it was normal as he bowed and left the room.

“Oh, finally…”

I took a deep breath and looked at myself in the mirror.

My shiny white hair had braids from both sides, reaching to the back where they joined, and there were hair ornaments on my bangs, but not enough to be a bother. My silken dress was as white as my skin and filled with pretty embroidery, like lace and frills.

(Finally, today is the day I meet children of my own age! Uwah, I’m so nervous!)

Children from my generation, who I couldn’t meet in my previous life, would be gathering for the rite of revelation today. As today’s assembly, it was for nobles only, so not everyone would be there, but it still should be quite a number of people. Rather than the revelation, I was more interested and worried about that.

(I wish that it all goes well, without any problems.)

While setting up such discomforting flags, I took Tytte along with me and headed towards the entrance of the mansion grounds where the carriage was waiting.

The temple, where the shrine is in, is on top of a slightly tall hill in the northern district of the royal capital. I would call its appearance more artistic than functional. As I looked at it from the carriage’s window my heart began to throb.

(Somehow, it feels like going to school for the first time. Although I haven’t been to school.)

As the anxiety and tension of meeting a lot of new people mixed into an indescribable emotion, the carriage I was sitting in stopped.

(Finally! My debut!)

“We’ve arrived, ojousama.”

Tytte opened the carriage door and exited first to prepare a stepladder for the carriage. I saw Tytte stepping aside as if to say she’s done, and while calming down my racing heart, I slowly moved towards the door.

The moment I stepped outside, there was a small commotion and all the children of my age and their servants stared at me…or I think they did. The reason for that is because instead of checking if they’re staring at me I hung my head down to avoid their gaze.

(Uwaah, I’m an idiot! Idiot! I may forget it, but I’m the daughter of a duke! I need to act more dignified, like the ones in books and anime did!)

Even so, I felt somewhat ashamed as I raised my head up this late. I got off the carriage like that, and as if on cue, tripped and missed the final step.

(Oooh no~ooo! If I put my foot down to catch myself now then I’ll make a hole in the groooound! I need to use less strength! Ah, but if I use too little then I’ll fall over! What should I dooooo!?)

Tytte grabbed my flailing arms and without a delay propped me up.

“T-thank you…”

I thanked her in a low voice, and even Tytte looked relieved as we began walking while she supported me.

“Sigh… They might think I’m a clumsy kid… Aww…”

The people watching the emotionally drained and disheartened me were whispering things like “she really gives off the feeling of someone you want to protect, someone somehow fleeting”. Engrossed in dejection, I didn’t notice it at all though, and kept heading to the temple with Tytte taking me by the hand.

TL notes:


Instead of writing an essay today, I baked an apple pie and translated this chapter. Now I’m four pages behind my schedule but that’ll be fixed tomorrow when I’ll write a four-page summary of a research article and two pages of my own thoughts on it. I will I absolutely will I won’t just stay indoors eating ice cream and apple pie


Hello, spell names are here. Or maybe not. The magic was in 「japanese quotation marks」 in the prose, and instead of using “Quotation Marks For Spells” instead I went with [Brackets For Spells]. I did it with the assumption that someone’s going to be chanting these names or just referring to the spells with those names, but if it turns out that won’t be a thing then fuck me I guess

“Everyday Magic”: 生活魔法 (seikatsu mahou), literally “life magic” but it’s not life as in “it’s still alive shoot it in the weak point”, but life as in your everyday life, the way you live. This one didn’t sound like a spell but more like a category so I did not format it [As A Spell]

The fire spells are just regular words, no “magic” or anything after them.

Heroes and heroines: it’s actually 勇者や英雄 (yuusha ya eiyuu), but the problem is both of those translate to “hero”. And I wasn’t about to write heroes and heroes. Yuusha is more of a brave person or a traditional isekai protagonist, while eiyuu is someone smarter and uhhhh Gilgamesh from fate/ series is called the king of heroes as the king of eiyuu.

Oh, I’m getting excited: this reads in a kind of different tone than usual, so I googled it. It’s some kind of a dragonball reference but I’m not bored enough to locate and browse through like 200 chapters of official English-translated dragonball manga to find out how they translated goku here https://puu.sh/Cgx4B/86e2257412.jpg (it’s also very close to this so I decide to use it https://dragonball.wikia.com/wiki/I%27m_Getting_Excited! )

Finally: tenses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *shakes fist angrily* now it’s turned into some weird first-person present tense omniscient narration


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