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Last month, sub-par, the person who translated the first 7 chapters of this novel informed us that they were going to delete their blog and use it for other projects. They said we can host their translated chapters if we wanted to so we’re doing just that. We’ve only made minor changes to make things consistent with our translations(which kinda makes some of the tl notes kinda useless but whatever) and fix some grammatical errors but it’s pretty much the same as the original.

Sorry for disappointing you if you thought these were new chapters… <(_ _)>

How troubling

After the incident, the bond between me and Tytte grew stronger.

Hello, I’m Mary Regalya, six years old.

Very quickly, three years have passed since then, and I’ve been healthily growing up. For a long life! No events! A good lii~ife! However, as the years have passed, I’ve started to worry about something.


During a tranquil early afternoon, in a corner of the garden. I was enjoying a cup of black tea when the handle of the cup cracked apart with a noise.

“Are you alright, ojousama?”

Tytte, who was standing by my side waiting on me, stared at me and asked if I was injured.

“I’m fine, Tytte. I was just careless and used too much strength when I put the cup down.”

To convince her I showed her my hand. Tytte let out a sigh of relief when she saw my porcelain white slender fingers still beautiful and without a wound.

“Haa~, I was worried. Moreover, again, ojousama? Breaking the cup just by putting some strength into your fingers, as expected of ojousama indeed. Or could it be a technique from the memories of that previous world ojousama talked about?”

“Hey, there’s no such technique.”

Tytte very skillfully took away the broken cup and gave me a new one while talking. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say she was familiar with doing that. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t keep it a secret from her, who would always be helping me, so I ended up telling her all about my current situation. From my strength to the memories of my previous world…

I hated keeping secrets from her so —even though I was worried whether she’d believe me or not— when I told my secret to Tytte she just went:

“Huh~, memories of a previous world, that is amazing! As expected of ojousama.”

(Yeah, I have no idea just what was “as expected” about it, but maybe I should just be happy that she didn’t seem to doubt me at all.)

Back to the topic at hand, after that incident I came to realize the surprising strength I have. And once I became conscious of it, it turned into a real problem. I broke a lot of things by accidentally using too much strength.

Things that I used to be able to do without thinking and with ease became something that I couldn’t do without effort, is how I would describe it.

Having to think things like: “how much strength should I use to grip the handle on this door?” I became, as a result, kind of awkward and a beat slower in my actions than anyone else.

Had I trained my body and strength from the start, I would be self-aware of it, and maybe even holding it back would be possible. But unfortunately, before I knew it I came to possess an absurd power, so there’s no self-awareness or sense of my strength. With a dangerous weapon like this, my mental state has been like I was pointing a gun that could fire at any moment at a friend.

Because of this I thought I would ask my father to teach me martial arts, so that by putting all my effort into moving my body I could get a sense of my strength or before it became a deadly problem.

But then when I told father I wanted to learn self-defense, he said: “Martial arts doesn’t suit your cuteness. Besides, if there were people who wanted to harm you then I’d find out that bunch beforehand, and with all my men, slaughter them all♪” with an eloquent smile, so I couldn’t find anything to say to my dangerous daddy. And that’s that.

So I thought in that case I would just train by myself, but that was naive of me. Maybe it’s just usual for a daughter of the duke, but I found myself always basking in the attention of someone: family members, employees, guests invited to the mansion, and so on.

“Ojousama’s presence is, to put it lightly, eye-catching. To the extent that it’s mysteriously transient. Please keep that in mind.”

That’s what Tytte said about it. My face flushed, but I refrained from asking why she was so entranced.

And so I had no countermeasures to make. Every day I’m acting under the fear of accidentally breaking something, and I’ve had Tytte help me with most things. You could say I’ve turned into quite a dainty being. Also, as unpleasant as my previous life was, because I was a patient who had to rely on others every day I didn’t feel opposed to the idea, and that contributed to the situation.

When my samurai-spirited father saw my so-called weakness, there was not even a mention of training. On the contrary, he came to love and care for me, who seemed fragile and fine like glass, even more. His protection became so excessive, that before I knew it, he could say dangerous things like that one earlier with a calm look on his face.

“Sigh…How troubling. To think that holding back was this difficult.”

“Not everything was built with ojousama in mind, you see.”

“More importantly, next year will be the rite of revelation. Meeting with other children could turn into a huge disaster, as with ojousama’s strength all of the children there would be smashed into dust with a single flick on the forehead.”

“Please don’t talk about other people like they’re monsters. I don’t have that much strength… probably…”

The rite of revelation.

When children turn seven, they go to the temple to receive a revelation from the gods. It’s an important event where one can be informed of the potential within one’s body. Apparently, the children receive hints on things like their potential physical strength, wisdom, magical power, and they decide where they should focus on in their studies.

(In that case, would mine be physical strength? If it were, that’d be my chance to have an excuse for father to teach me martial arts.)

I looked forward to the big event next year. But at this time, I had no idea just what an unimaginably frightening revelation I was looking forward to.

TL notes:


Properly capitalized chapter notes and less spelling errors brought to you by me using Microsoft Word, which has an automated spellchecker. The only problem is that I’m extremely discriminatory against the fancy i in naïve, so I have to go back and change that every time Word wants to put it in. The only fancy thing I allow in my translation is punctuation. I’m just trembling here with the anticipation for the day I dare to switch to casually using an interrobang


As expected of this chapter. Usually I don’t mechanically translate sasuga ni/desu as “as expected of” because very often the thing the character’s reacting to is not really expected, it doesn’t make sense to expect it, and a better translation would be something like “that’s amazing”. But here it’s quite explicitly a joke upon expecting things that don’t make sense to expect.

Dangerous daddy: as much as I hate it I’ve now decided to exclusively use “daddy” whenever Marie’s using the English word “father”, as I’m already using “Father” for otou-sama and regular old “father” whenever she’s inner monologuing about her father. I’m expecting to have to deal with “papa” and “dad” at some point too

Rite of revelation: 神託の儀 (shintaku no gi). It’s not anything that sounds particularly familiar, either in real life or as a regular trope in novels. So I just picked something that doesn’t sound awful. Depending on what the actual thing is like I may go back and change this to “Divine Revelation Ceremony” or “ritual of the Oracle” or whatever.

Physical strength, wisdom, magical power: 武力・知力・魔力 they’ve all got the kanji for “power” in it but I’m not going to shoehorn in “knowledge-power” when wisdom works fine. I’ll probably regret this when it turns out the revelation is a stat window or something and I have to go back and edit things to be strength/wisdom/magic/whatever


Today I wrote two pages of an essay. I’ve got 18 pages to go and 9 days to write them.


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