Chapter 13: First Friend

TL: JayTheMonster
TLC: kizen
Editor: Filip

” “I’m sorry, Your Highness!” ”


I didn’t care much for my noble appearance at that moment and I immediately went down on my knees and prostrated myself on the floor. That’s right, it’s the so-called Dogeza, the ultimate form of apology.


I heard some scuffling and looked over to find Magilka in a similar pose next to me.


It seems that she decided to copy my pose, but I assume she doesn’t know the true meaning of it.


In a rather surreal picture of two girls sitting in dogeza in front of a boy, the Prince approaches us with a wry smile.


“Your Highness! I am truly sorry, I hope you will see that remark as the joke of a crazy woman!”


“Yes, I hope you will laugh and forget our foolishness!”


I was panic-stricken, and when I tried to think of anything more to say, I drew a blank.


When I looked closely at the floor, there was a small crack where my forehead met the ground, but I couldn’t afford to worry about that right now.1


“No, you do not have to take that pose, it does not suit you ladies.”


The Prince lets out a dry laugh.


( This is bad! You’re angry, aren’t you? )


“And to go this far… Well, I think I will change it from now on.”


“Eh? Change it?”


“… His Highness’ behaviour is what he has learned from observing his father. it was never really him.”

Surprised at the Prince’s words, I let out a small whisper, to which Magilka responded to supplement my understanding.


“His father… No way, His Majesty?! That’s His Majesty’s personality?!”


“Yes… Father told me that His Majesty, the king, was a womanizer when he was young, so he often acted in such a manner in order to get women to fawn over him. Seeing that, His highness thought it was the way a royal is expected to interact with women so he started studying that behaviour.”


( Seriously… I haven’t seen His Majesty but now I think he’s just a playboy. )


“I could not correct His Highness considering my position, as that would be equivalent to offending His Majesty.”




“That’s why I decided to at least keep women away from His Highness so that this behaviour will not take root, but… Everything was ruined because of you.”


“I’m sorry…”


“It is time for both of you to raise your heads. I cannot endure you two stay as such any longer.”


“B-but we, who have been disrespectful, must apologize profusely. We can’t not be punished.”


“Wai-. What are you talking about? We already asked for forgiveness, so let’s move on.”


I was surprised by how serious Magilka was to go so far to seek forgiveness when I had thought the dogeza was enough. I guess I should prepare for…


“… punishment…”


The Prince whispered with a pensive face.


“Well, from now on, you two shall act as I am your friend. No more polite speech.”


” “Eh?” ”


Confused, both Magilka and I raised our heads.


“Of course, only in private.”


The Prince went down on one knee, grabbed our hands and pulled us up, forcing us to stand. (TL: I think he grabs one hand each but I’m not sure what’s the best way to put that)


“I assume that is acceptable?”


“Ye-yes, Your Highness…”


Satisfied with Magilka’s response, who seemed to be in a daze, the prince turned towards me so I rapidly nodded in agreement.


“Um, oh! Zach is also guilty so he should join us in this ‘punishment’.”


“Eh? Why me… well, that’s ok, I guess. I’m not good with formalities anyway, and quite frankly I was at my limit.”


“You accepted that too quickly! Suspiciousss♪”




Magilka quickly appeared beside Zach and kicked him.


( No, no, you’re being rude in front of the Prince, you know. )


With a sigh of relief, I felt the tension leaving me. I was smiling and looking at my new friends when the Prince sent me the usual refreshing smile.


“Haha, your smile is as lovely as the clearest jewel. It warms my heart, I would do anything to see that smile every day, ‘Pretty White Princess’.” 2


The Prince caressed my cheek with his hand.




I was caught off-guard and broke out laughing.




The prince awkwardly scratched his cheek like a mischievous boy who was caught in the act. That reaction of his was more appropriate behaviour for a boy his age. It instantly made me feel an affinity towards him.


“Is it really ok, Your Highness?”


“Stop with the ‘Your Highness’, miss Mary, Rayphos is fine you know?”


“Well, then… um… Sir Rayphos?”


I can’t. I just can’t become this close with the Prince, it would be too embarrassing considering his antics


“Oi, Prince! Do something about this ferocious woman!”


“You are taking it too far, Zach!”


As Zach, who had escaped from Magilka, started ranting to the Prince in a similar type of speech, I gave him an elbow to his side.


( No way, I’m not being violent to hide my embarrassment. Yup… )


With that done, we all went to the courtyard, and I told Tyutte to prepare 4 cups of tea.




“Why did the Prince want to be friends with us anywa- ow ow.”


Surrounding a round table, Magilka and I stepped on Zach’s feet under the table when he asked an inappropriate question. Of course, you would only see our smiling faces while drinking tea from the Prince’s position.


“Hmm… Well, you guys seemed to be so easy to talk to, or rather you are interesting… I guess. I mean, being in the royal family everyone is trying to curry favor with me.”


So the Prince says, unaware of our foot battle beneath the table.


“Besides, in the Royal Palace, I am always surrounded by adults and I cannot converse with them as if they were close to my age, it is not proper. I cannot do anything. I cannot leave the Royal Palace much either, so I cannot help but feel like I am suffocating…”


I felt sympathy for the Prince, who smiled while speaking about his past. In my previous life, I was isolated, I couldn’t go out of the hospital room and I couldn’t make any friends either. Despite the differences in situation, status, and well-being, our positions were somewhat similar.


I now have a new life, and I can go anywhere. If possible, I’d like to help the Prince catch a glimpse of a happy life and the wonderful world beyond. As I’m thinking of this grand goal, I drink my tea.


( God, there were some complications, but I have friends now. Thank you very much! )


I smiled as I prayed to God.

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Thanks for the chapter


The prince “grabbed each of our hands,” perhaps? Yeah, it’s awkward.


Doesn’t that way suggest the young prince grabbed all four hands of the two girls? Not an impossible event though.
Sadly, the “method” of grab (lol), isn’t explained, that’s why we left that line a little ambiguous.
I’ll mention this version to Jay. We did burn some grey cells over that, so any suggestions helps.


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