Hello! New translator Jay here. I really enjoyed reading this novel and I decided to try my hand at translating it. Hopefully, it’s good but any feedback is appreciated.

I don’t have a schedule for translating chapters as I’m doing this as a hobby but luckily I currently have lots of time on my hands. Anyway, here you go!


Chapter 12: Oops, I blew it again ☆

TL: JayTheMonster
TLC: kizen
ED: Filip/Gecko

As I went outside accompanied by my attendants, I saw a luxurious carriage coming to a stop. I was expecting to see the prince, however, a little girl who was clearly not a servant exited first. I stared at her involuntarily.


( R-Ringlets! The blonde ringlets are hereee! )


Yes, the little girl who came out first, with a navy-blue dress overlaid with black lacing, had beautiful golden blonde ringlets. Simply beautiful.


“… ahem…”


As I stood there, mesmerized by her beauty. Tyutte noticed me standing there motionlessly and cleared her throat.


Awakened from my trance, I quickly picked up the hem of my skirt and curtsied at the golden ringlets who had descended from the carriage.


“That’s Magilka”


Zach told me in a low voice, standing close by.


( What? The rumoured troublemaker was Lady Blonde Ringlets?! )


Then, with his elegant blond hair, the boy appears from the carriage. My headache, the first Prince of Aldia, Rayphos Lucua Dalford. As I gave a grandiose greeting, everyone behind me followed suit.


( I’ve grown so much! I can give this greeting without being nervous… )


“W-welcome to the Regalya House, Your Highness. Your Highness shouldn’t have bothered to come here, but instead, send a summons. I, I would have come” (TL: Not sure, sounds kind of rude for talking to a prince)


( Oh no! I had to jinx it!! I became nervous again as soon as I started speaking and I stuttered! I’m really bad when it comes to the real thing. )


The prince narrowed his eyes and made a smile as if looking at something adorable. I avoided his gaze and looked down.


“No, pay it no mind. On the contrary, isn’t it I who is being a bother?”


“Your… Your Highness, surely you jest. However, I am very sorry that I cannot give you the best hospitality on such short notice. I wish I had received your message sooner.” (TL: Again, bit rude to a prince, but maybe it is on purpose)


“Do not worry, I am sure my visit will be pleasant.”


I tried to casually give the prince a warning but he just brushed it off.


( Is the Prince KY? He has to be, right? ) 1


“It would be best to talk comfortably, please come in, Your Highness”


I could not bear this tense atmosphere, so I had an attendant guide us inside. We soon entered the most luxurious parlor room in the house, and as the Prince sat on a sofa, I sat across from him. I noticed Zach decided to stand behind me.


( Eh? Why are you standing?! Come sit with me! )


Feeling somewhat betrayed, I glared at Zach. It was only at this point that the Prince noticed Zach.


“Come to think of it, I am surprised that you are here, Zach.”


“Excuse me, Your Highness. I happened to be here, and I decided to take this opportunity to greet you.”


I looked at the Prince while being baffled by both the answer that Zach gave and his polite speech.


“You two are acquainted?”


“Oh, I am learning the way of the sword from Lord Klaus, similarly to Zach. Besides, I have to be familiar with the future Grand Master of my Imperial Knights… I have not seen him around as of late, to think he was here.”


“My apologies, Your Highness. By my father’s order, I’ve been Lady Mary’s partner for her training.”


“Oh, her partner…”


While I listen to their conversation, for some reason I get nervous and look at the Prince and Zach alternately.


“Oh, um… Uh… By the way, what has brought Your Highness to my residence? I didn’t get the details in advance…”


To change the subject, I decided to ask the Prince what he wanted.


“Of course. It is not that complicated. I wanted to see you… It is simple really.”


“See me… Is that so…”


“Yes, Lord Regalya speaks of his lovely little princess nearly every visit. I wanted to see her for myself.”


( Eh? Father. What are you doing? )


“I was thrilled when I met you during the rite of revelation. You were more beautiful than I imagined, true to the title ‘Pretty White Princess’.”




I was about to burst laughing at the Prince, who had somehow said that and attempted to adjust his golden bangs in a cool manner.


( Noooooo! The hilarious behaviour of the Prince is going to make me laugh! )


“Besides, when I heard what happened at the Royal Palace, I could not help but worry that the ‘Pretty White Princess’ had tears of grief on her face. I thought it would be best if I wipe all those drops away…”


He then reached for and pushed up his forelocks, while showing a refreshing smile, which made me blow some air, as I quickly turned my head and looked down.


“Oh… pfff… I’m sorry… pfft…”


I was keeping my head down and my mouth shut, because if I would have laughed if I tried to talk…


I decided to drink some of the prepared tea to conceal my laughter, but when I was about to take a sip, I noticed that it was unusually hot.




( Oh no… I’m okay, but that surprised me. )


It seems that temperature isn’t considered an attack. I think that I can put my hand into magma and feel the heat, yet my hand will be unharmed. Therefore, even if the tea is hot enough to burn your tongue, I’ll be fine. The deviation from common sense left me stunned for a moment.


I found myself amid all the people who were surprised at my behaviour, all of a sudden, worrying about me. I saw, what I assume to be, a remnant of magical power coming from the slightly outstretched hand of Magilka, which she quickly hid behind her back.


( Magilka Fudurika… You were the culprit after all. )


A moment later my tea wasn’t hot at all.


( To have just turned up the heat for just a moment, what a talented person. )


While Tyutte receives the cup from me, I see miss Blonde Ringlets looking completely innocent behind the Prince. I wonder if she assumed, I would drop the cup and sully my dress.


“My apologies, but I need to leave for a moment. Zach, please tend to Your Highness in the meantime.”


I took Tyutte out of the room, and Magilka quickly followed, after giving the Prince the excuse of verifying I wasn’t injured. As soon as I entered another drawing-room with her in tow and Tyutte closed the door I asked;


“Miss Magilka… Isn’t that too much of a joke? You heated my tea close to boiling with life magic.”


“You did notice… You can’t be taken lightly, Lady Mary.”


“You used magic to pour water on me at the Royal Palace too…”


“Yeah, that’s right. When you went to see His Highness.”


“… You’re having fun playing pranks on me, aren’t you?”


“Well, I can’t help it. I did those horrible acts in order to embarrass you in front of his highness, to keep you away from him. But you—”


( ? I wanted to stay away from the Prince anyway… What is this development? )


I spoke out in anticipation of a sweet and unexpected development due to her misunderstanding.


“You’ve been harassing me when I actually wanted to stay away from the Prince…Could it be that you, Mufufu♪”


With a hand over my mouth, I gave her a suspicious look, and when she realized that, she had a dumbfounded look on her face.


“What is it? Did you think I was in love with His Highness?”


“You aren’t?”


“Haa~… I think you’d be on the right track, if only he didn’t act like that…”


( ? That behaviour… )


Somehow, I began to feel a sense of intimacy with Magilka, as she looked away with a sigh.


“I want His Highness to stop with those ridiculous lines… Do you know how hard I’m struggling to hold in my laughter?”


“I agreeeee!”


With my eyes shining brightly, I approached her as if I had moved in an instant. I wrapped my hands around hers and brought them to my chest.


“Eh? You were over there… eh?”


“That’s not important! Finally, someone who shares my thoughts! I’m not alone!”


“Don’t put me in the same category as you so quickly! Let me go! You’re too close!” (TL: I wish my hands were close)


When I inched closer, Magilka started turning red. Probably because I was starting to annoy her, so I let her hands go. (TL: FACE <– PLAM)


“Ah… so cute and… I almost…”


Magilka was mumbling something, but she was too quiet and I couldn’t hear what she said so I just ignored it.


( I’m so happy right now! Finally, a kindred soul! Tyutte is moving to the door, but that doesn’t matter! I have a comrade! )


“Everyone around was fascinated by the Prince, so I was worried that I was eccentric, but I’m glad I have a friend now! It’s definitely embarrassing considering his age, isn’t it?”


“Yes, yes! If he was a little older it would be different. I can’t help but laugh due to the age discrepancy, but everyone else looks mesmerized so I have to hold it in.”


I wasn’t sure if saying everything to Magilka like this was the right thing to do, but it felt good and I ended up blurting all my pent-up thoughts.


And then there was a knock on the opened door. Magilka and I slowly turn our heads in a creaking manner.


“Um, I’m sorry to bother you when you’re having fun, but to say all that in front of the person himself is a little…”


Tyutte, who turned pale upon opening the door at an unsavory moment, was met with Zach, whose face was all cramped, and the Prince who was completely stiff behind him.


I… I did it again! (TL: I don’t know what she’s referring to)

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Hello!!… And thank you for translating this novel… in 2 days we have the anniversary of 1 year since the translation stopped =P


Thanks for picking this up


Hmmm, just curious, may I ask why you start at chapter instead of starting over from chapter 1 or continue after chapter 28? I do, however, very appreciate that you take over this WN translation. Thanks.


I don’t know for sure why at this point, but the previously translated chapters are fine, except for the number 12. I’ll inform Jay, maybe a better answer will be posted soon.

Now, I feel I have to mention this too. The novel is [It Seems like My Body Is Completely Invincible], not [It Seems I Came to Another World, Now What Should I Do] aka “isekai Mitai”



The previous translations for “It Seems like My Body is Completely Invincible” stopped after chapter 12, but that last chapter was badly translated so I decided to start here to allow for a smoother transition.

Also, it seems that the chapter was linked to the “It Seems I Came to Another World, Now What Should I Do” for novelupdates. This is because I accidentally posted this chapter under that novel, it was my first time posting, but now it’s posted under the correct title and I won’t be making that mistake again. Sorry for the confusion! orz


The manga version for this part seem to show:
“W-welcome to the Regalya House, Your Highness. Your Highness shouldn’t have bothered to come here, but instead, send a summons. I, I would have come” (TL: Not sure, sounds kind of rude for talking to a prince)

Above as she jumbled some words as she said it.


Thanks for the chapter


Thanks for picking this up!


Thank you for translating! I’m glad you picked this up ʕ•ᴥ•ʔノ♡


thanks for pickup this.
I can’t hold my laughter. lol


I mean the say whatever they want about the prince but the person himself still hear it. lol


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
No more mtl headaches for me

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