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Last month, sub-par, the person who translated the first 7 chapters of this novel informed us that they were going to delete their blog and use it for other projects. They said we can host their translated chapters if we wanted to so we’re doing just that. We’ve only made minor changes to make things consistent with our translations(which kinda makes some of the tl notes kinda useless but whatever) and fix some grammatical errors but it’s pretty much the same as the original.

Sorry for disappointing you if you thought these were new chapters… <(_ _)>

I Transmigrated


I, who had a bad heart and a weak immune system since birth, seemed to be having my life reach its end without even taking a step out of that sterile room.

Despite wanting to cry out in selfishness, I decided to see my mother and father off with a smile…I was lucky to have you…Thank you.

Ah, it looks like this is it for my life…

In the end I wasn’t able to run or even walk outside due to my fragility, or do anything without the help of others… In the end, I couldn’t even be filial to my parents. God… If I could be born again… I wish to be reborn in…

a healthy body that absolutely won’t be defeated by anything.

I closed my eyes… and waited for the…end…

* * *

“I shall grant you that wish.”


Hearing a loud voice inside my head I opened my eyes, but a dazzling light blinded me.

(What? What is this!? I can’t see, hear, or move my body properly! What, why! No, I don’t want thiiiiiis!)

“Wahhh! Waaaaaahhh!”

“She has given birth. It’s a girl with a healthy voice, master.”

Today, a new life as Mary Regalya was bestowed upon me.

A few days afterwards…

As time passed I regained my calm, and I’ve become able to think so try to understand my current situation.

(Let’s see… So what’s going on exactly?)

(Calm down, calm down, me. Isn’t this development similar to what happened to a protagonist in one of the books I read at the hospital? Let’s see, what was it. Immigration—that wasn’t it, trans…mission? Transmigration!)

That word rapidly brought back my presence of mind. I relaxed and took a look at my body. Tiny hands, those of a baby. Without a doubt, I gained a new start in life while retaining my memories.

(I see, I hope this time my body turns out to be a little bit healthier.)

Maybe due to the newly found silly sense of security, I fell asleep while my heart throbbed with anticipation for my new life.

(Ooh, it moves! This body really moves!)

Crawling slowly, I push onward on the floor.

Hello, I’m Mary Regalya, one year old.

In a complete change from the hospital room lined with medical instruments, I’ve grown up while watched over by my parents in a room inside a quiet and luxurious mansion. Just now, because my body didn’t seem to make it difficult, without intending to, I mischievously moved around and ended up being carried by one of the ladies wearing maid outfits.

(Aww… I wanted to keep moving though.)

I consider the atmosphere of the room, the appearance of my parents, and the maids and butlers serving them. It has the feeling of a noble family from medieval Europe, similar to what I witnessed in the movies, anime, manga, books, games, and such from my time in the hospital.

(Well, I’m certain that we’re nobles, at least.)

That’s because the instant I was born, Father held me up in his arms and proclaimed happily in a loud voice: “So this girl is the eldest child of my Regalya Dukedom!”

(So does that make me ‘the young lady of the Duke’s house’… Although, having been born and brought up in modern Japan, I’m not sure what that means.)

Since I was able to get a new life and a new beginning while maintaining the memories from my previous world, I planned to fully enjoy the things that I couldn’t in my previous life.

(Thank you, god. I want to grow up quickly and do all sorts of things~)

I believe it was the voice of god that I heard back then, and I’m grateful for it.

This and that happened, and in the blink of an eye the days and months went by. I did well and grew up quickly, and now I can walk by myself and, of course, have a proper conversation.

Hello, I’m Mary Regalya, three years old.

From my mother I inherited silver-colored – no, nearly white long hair. The fine-quality frilled skirt of my one-piece dress, whose whiteness isn’t any less pure than my skin and hair, trails behind me as I stroll inside the mansion. To tell you the truth, I was able to move by myself much earlier than this (more precisely, a few days after my birth), isn’t that a little strange? I think it might be because of the memories of my past life, but in order to not seem weird I moved like a baby would to the best of my knowledge.

(Luckily, since I started as a baby, a lot of the things I shouldn’t be able to do really were things I actually couldn’t do, so the end result wasn’t ridiculous…I think…Right?)

As I grew, I came to understand the world I was in. I’ve confirmed that this isn’t the modern society I’m familiar with, but a country called Aldia Kingdom, in a so-called fantasy world of swords and sorcery, with monsters and spirits.

(It’s an RPG, an RPG! A world I had only experienced in games, now in front of me!)

But whatever the world, as long as I am able to live a normal life I’ll be happy, so I don’t think I’ll be adventuring or anything like that.

(Because at least in this world I want to cause the least amount of trouble I can for my parents, to live a long life and be a good child for them, avoiding dangers. I won’t say or do anything rash.)

And so, even if my parents ask me if I want anything, I reply with a “no, thank you.” Which reminds me, despite it not being Japanese I understand the words and writing of this world without any sense of unease. I wonder if this too is thanks to god.

“God, thank you very much! Today too, I’m getting along fine.”

I look up towards the sky and send a few words of gratitude to god.

“Ah… It’s so peaceful. If nothing of note happens from now on, I’ll be happy. Uh-oh, wait! I set up a flag unintentionally. As if~, ahaha, there’s no way~, that’s just superstition, superstition I say!”

And just like that, I blew it.

It was a sudden accident caused by my inattention. A heavy wooden box fell towards the floor amidst a huge racket that filled the room, as I reached up with a single hand and caught that box. The box was large enough to hide me inside, yet I easily caught it, and with one hand.

Eh, what’s going on???

Let’s go back half a day to when the incident started.

“Oh my, oh myyy! So this is where my cute angel waaaasss!”

As I’m walking through the mansion’s corridors, from the far side of the corridor gallops (?) a good-looking middle-aged man with a dandy moustache dressed in luxurious nobles’ clothing.

“Ah, Father, good to see you.”

I turn to face the man who came running, grasp the hem of my skirt, and after lifting it a little and leaning over a bit I greet him with my brightest smile. The conduct and language of a young lady has been taught to me for a while now by an invited tutor, but I’m still a little awkward. However, as my mental age is technically that of an over 15-year-old I’m quick on the uptake.


Father lets out a strange sigh and glances up at the sky. His name is Ferdid Regalya. He’s the head of House Regalya, my father, and the man working as the general of Aldia Kingdom’s army.


With a question mark floating above my head I abruptly tilt my head.


This time Father lets out an incomprehensible strange noise and clutches at his chest.

(What’s with this exchange that keeps happening, every time.)

“Ahem… Master, please continue with the conversation.”

The butler waiting behind him whispers to my father, who seems to understand and fixes his doting expression.

“Mary, come with me. There’s a child I want to introduce to you.”

“To me?”

Like I said earlier, since I haven’t asked for a lot of things from my parents, they haven’t overdone it with giving me things either, but today seems to be different.

(More importantly, hey Father. You tell me to come with you, but then why do you pick me up and carry me? I wanted to walk with my own feet.)

While quietly sitting on my father’s well-tempered arms I’m carried towards the garden, where the aforementioned guest is already waiting.

Subpar’s TL notes:

But if her body’s invincible how come can they see her????? makes u think

Marie Regalya: メアリィ・レガリヤ (mearii regariya). It sounds like Mary Regalia except the last vowel is longer. Regalia is usually spelt regaria so it’s either author making a mistake or they want the name to be slightly different.

Ardia Kingdom: アルディア王国 (arudia oukoku). It is unrelated to Aldia of dark souls.

Ferdid Regalya: フェルディッド・レガリヤ (ferudiddo regariya). It’s kind of close to Ferdinand (ferudinanto) so I just slapped a d on that binch and called it a day.

The (?) in the text is in the raw, probably to draw attention to the fact that people don’t usually gallop. It’s not there to imply I’m uncertain of the translation.

I decided to use italics for the 『other kind of Japanese quotation marks often used for emphasis』because no one notices the difference between single and double quotation marks in English. Until the author throws in a curveball I’ll be using italics for them whenever they’re introduced in the text.

There’s some technically English terms like “filial piety” that pop up troublingly much in Japanese or Chinese translated text but are basically never used in English outside of Victorian times. For no good reason whatsoever, I’m trying to avoid using these terms as much as I can.

Finally, this series technically two volumes or arcs in the syosetu page, with this being the childhood arc. But I didn’t bother going v1c1 etc. because honestly two arcs ain’t enough for me to care about categorization


ED: I went ahead and changed the name Marie to Mary, for consistency.

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